I love to create art. The process of creating is a deeply human need to express his/her inner world. Everybody does it in its own way. I more and more discover that the words of Joseph Beuys 'everybody is an artist ' are true. My way of creating is to make art.  Live is movement and to be creative and take responsibility for a better world you have to come out of the materialistic dependency which keeps you prisoned in certain thoughts, feelings and behaviour. With my art I try to contribute to these processes of changing. We have to create another economy where everybody can win, not alone you and me but also other people, children, nature, the earth. One of the people who gives a clear vision of this needed change, and how to achieve it, is the architect Thomas Rau. But also Kate Raworth with her donuteconomy. We have to take these very concrete proposals serious to change old patterns.

With the tree and hay animals I want to emphasize that we are losing bio-diversity in an alarming pace. We have to act to stop the climate change but we also have to act to stop the loss of biodiversity. It is life threatening and we need to do something.
The tree and hay animals can only live in your imagination. When we lose species in this alarming speed, these species can only live in our imagination but are lost forever. 
Look for a short film about the tree-animals:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9babYEvafM&t=5s 
and the
 hay-animals: on:http://www.omroepzeeland.nl/nieuws/2016-06-19/1015132/kunstwerken-kunstschouw-groter-dan-ooit-video#.V2a2BfmLRhE

and https://www.youtube.com/watchv=bUWP6pjjefs and 



You can buy postcards of the hay-animals in sets of 10 (two different hay-animals,10x 15)) for E15,-  You can also buy signed photos of the animals or the gates. Please send me a mail when you are interested; vormkracht@versatel.nl